• Posted on Jun 19, 2023

“Quality education build nation” to construct educational institution to provide necessary material is our aim. Some live in village where there is no school and also destroyed by massif earthquake 2015. As students and locals, it is really important they get an education – it’s their best shot at a decent life.  MNF is working lower solukhumbu settlements in Nepal, and an important part of what we do there is help kids, students local to get all the way from kinder garden through high school – and college. It takes homework on our part and education.

A school building, in our experience, doesn’t say much about education. To make them into places where children can come and learn takes, well, a lot of things.  Children in remote areas sometimes live far away from the nearest school, so we build a hostel – as we did in Nuntahala (girls hostel), where 50 youngsters now live together and studying as well. It doesn’t end with construction either. For the last two years we’ve funded some teacher’s salaries, distributed computer to promote computer education in village, because the community couldn’t afford them, and we knew the school and hostel would otherwise sit empty. 

In other cases, we bring the kids and children to the school so they can continue their education.  , the nearest middle school is a little walk away,. So that the remote area students can continue their education they live together, like a large extended family, in the Nunthala School’s girl’s hostel, and we supply uniforms, books, shoes, medicine and pay for the all-important cooks. (Yes, cooks are a theme. Hungry kids can’t learn well.) Last year we installed electricity powered lights which we already installed nearby Deku Nunthala of solukhumbu district. 

We work closely with the settlements, so children don’t get lost in an educational gap.  We learned from settlement leaders that many students couldn’t go to college because they simply couldn’t afford to pay; families have few resources. We feel that we will create college scholarship programs for motivated students.  They are succeeding. And they are motivated, and have the skills, to give back to their communities.our main aim to promote quality education and protect cultural and awareness program in lower solukhumbu village and their livelihood.